Meet Our Team

"Great group of people here! Called the day before to inform them that I would be stopping there for a quick turnaround. The CSR was very informative and helpful! Thank you and keep up the good work!”       5-star customer testimonial

Tony holds a fuel certificate in supervisor, professional line service training from NATA Safety 1st. Prior to CRAA, he was enlisted in the United States Air Force for nine years, assigned to civil engineering as a liquid fuels maintenance craftsman.

Danielle first served as a customer service agent, then as a ground operation agent and ground security coordinator for passenger aircraft. After serving as FBO administrator, she was hired for her current role in 2015.


He graduated from Ohio University in 2015 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (B.S.A.M) with a focus in logistics and operations management.

Brian has many training certificates from FedEx, Mountain Air, UPS, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Kalitta and Allegiant. OSHA-certified as a forklift trainer, Brian also maintains Rickenbacker Aviation’s fuel trucks and jet fuel quality control practices and participates in fuel audits from all of the FBO vendors. Brian started his aviation career with Evergreen Eagle and became a supervisor, then was the station manager for Worldwide Flight Services. He then joined the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and Tailored Management, and was hired for his current role in 2016.


Greg is a certified private pilot and has been at Rickenbacker since 2005 serving in several roles. He has been associated with the FBO since it opened in 2012 and is responsible for the safe servicing of all aircraft, with a focus on scheduled cargo aircraft operations and charters. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Aviation Administration from Eastern Kentucky University.