Corporate, Military & General Aviation

Scalable FBO services – 24/7 – for all types of flights

Land at Rickenbacker International Airport when scheduling flights to Columbus and you’ll discover appealing advantages for flight crews, passengers and the corporations they represent.

  • Quick turns made possible by FBO Rickenbacker Aviation
  • Uncongested airfield and airspace
  • Flight crew and guest amenities
  • No landing fees for general aviation aircraft
  • NATA-certified refuelers
  • Short- and long-term leases available
  • Fuel discounts for tenants with leases of a month or longer
  • Less than 30 minutes to Columbus’ vibrant downtown and surrounding attractions 

Rickenbacker Aviation’s experienced and friendly FBO team provides a wide range of scalable services for all aircraft types—including corporate, general aviation and military. Whether you need one service or a host of services for a recreational plane or a corporate or military aircraft, our professional staff will communicate with you to determine your exact needs. Simply email us.

Services & Amenities

Need fueling, deicing or lavatory and water service? Cargo unloaded? How about catering? Or maybe hotel and restaurant recommendations? Get acquainted with the variety of services and amenities you can expect with Rickenbacker Aviation.


We have the facilities to fit a wide range of needs. Heated hangars? You got it. Storage space? Let us know. Pilot’s lounge? It is ready for you.


Make a reservation

Schedule your next Columbus visit with FBO Rickenbacker Aviation at a premier airport, Rickenbacker International. We’ll exceed your expectations!

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