Comfort and convenience for flight crews

Rickenbacker Aviation offers premier services, comfortable spaces, and convenient amenities for pilots, crew members, and clients. Our experienced concierge team is here to ensure that you have the best possible trip. Simply contact us and we’ll help arrange whatever you may need during your visit.

Flight Crew Amenities

Exclusive Pilot’s Lounge & Snooze Room
Relax, nap, or plan the next leg of your trip in our pilot’s lounge and snooze room. Amenities include TV, Wi-Fi, and power outlets, and our briefing area is equipped with weather and flight planning computers.

Crew Quiet Room
In addition to our lounge and snooze room, our quiet room provides a comfortable space for crew members to rest.

Take advantage of private shower facilities, whether it’s after landing, before takeoff, or anytime in between.

Customer Amenities

Customer Lounge
Whether clients need to work or simply want to relax, our private and spacious lounge features Wi-Fi access and plenty of power outlets.

Complimentary Coffee, Ice, Newspapers & More
The lounge is appointed with complimentary amenities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Onsite Vending
Enjoy convenient access to snacks and drinks thanks to onsite vending machines.

Seasonal Food Trucks
Columbus is home to one of the best food truck scenes in the nation, and you’ll often find one parked and open nearby.

Comfort and convenience at LCK

Pilot’s lounge and snooze room, heated hangars with flexible leases, tie downs, uncongested airfield, ILS landing capability and no noise restrictions are just a handful of facility advantages that corporate and leisure aviation businesses appreciate about Rickenbacker.

Quick turns with Rickenbacker Aviation

NATA-certified fuelers, EPIC Fuels, deicing, onsite Customs, water and lavatory, power carts and air starts by an experienced ground handling team gets any size aircraft back in the air quickly and safely 24/7.