Rickenbacker Facilities

Easy in, easy out

From our facilities to our staff, we have what you’re looking for in a fixed-base operation.

Rickenbacker Aviation’s trained and experienced personnel have the know-how and the equipment to service all types of aircraft – corporate, general aviation, air freighters, passenger carriers and military jets.

Besides Rickenbacker Aviation’s wide range of scalable services and amenities, you’ll find key aviation advantages at Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK):

  • Uncongested airfield and airspace
  • 24/7 control tower with the latest technology
  • 24/7 FBO services
  • ILS instrument landing capability
  • Runway can handle all aircraft (no size restrictions) and is all-weather capable
  • Onsite Customs with scheduled 24/7 availability
  • Daily to monthly leases available for heated hangars
  • Aircraft tie-down
  • Aircraft parking
  • Vehicle parking
  • Quick and easy drive to downtown Columbus and John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH)
  • Warehouse and distribution space via third party partners
  • Air freight operations separate from general aviation business
  • Separate passenger terminal utilized by Allegiant

Rickenbacker Aviation’s FBO team stands ready to serve you in this prominent airport facility. 
Please call us at 614-409-3660 or email us by clicking the Contact Us button.

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